Help! Our violin is broken! What do we do?

1) Do not try to fix the instrument yourself. Do not ask a family member to do so unless they are a qualified instrument repair person.

2) Save any parts that broke or that fell off the violin. Wrap them in a cloth or paper towel and tuck them inside the case with the violin if there is room to do so. If there is not enough room, put them in a plastic container, envelope, or bag to keep them safe.

3) Bring the violin to your next lesson so I can take a look at it. There are some minor repairs I can make on the spot, especially if parts of the instrument reallly just fell apart instead of breaking.

4) If I cannot help with whatever is wrong I will write a note that explains what needs to be fixed. You can then bring the note and the violin to a qualified instrument repair person. (See below for names and contact info.)

5) You should check with the repair person about how long it will take to fix the instrument. If it will take more than a few days you may wish to arrange to rent a replacement instrument to use in class during that time. If you rented an instrument from a local music store or the Dartmouth Music Centre you may be able to get a replancement from them. If not, the Music Centre may have extra instruments available to rent for $10.00 per month. I can help you with that if you like.

6) If the bow is the issue there are fewer options for repair. Bows can certainly be repaired and rehaired; however, most beginning students are using lower-end bows which are more expensive to repair than to replace. I suggest you contact Jim Danson (see below) if you wish to have a bow repaired. If you choose to buy a new bow be sure to let the store where you buy it know which size you need: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full.

Click HERE for a list of local qualified repairpeople